Calle 59 #452A x 54 y 52, El Centro Histórico, Mérida, Yucatán 97000 México. TEL 999.924.01.17


Galeria Merida is a contemporary and fine art gallery in Merida, Yucatan Mexico specializing in
pintura, fotografia, escultura, multimedia, grabado, arte objeto, cerámica, video, dibujo.
Galeria Merida is the only gallery in Merida dedicated solely to the exposition of local artists.

Thoughts About My Art

When I look at the art inside me, it has never changed.  I have always drawn from the same wellspring, always reaching to connect with the unseen forces of nature and the secrets I find there.

I think of my paintings as self made evidence of my life.

The changes in my images and techniques mark changes in my most immediate experiences.

The inherent pleasure of painting is engaging in the physical action of painting while enjoying the sensual qualities of the paint of itself and the power of paint to express beauty and emotion.

There are glorious and wonder filled studio days.  These are the play days! 

And then there are hard difficult “work of art” days.  The best days are the days I lose myself in the paint and all sense of self-consciousness.  In these moments, the content of the painting begins to appear and invites me to explore its meaning. The difficult days are those days when my schooled, self-critical, visual analysis, takes over.

I realize the beliefs you hold about yourself can determine what and how you paint.  However, during the process of painting, I lose self-consciousness.  This is when the content of the painting begins to appear and I am challenged to explore the meaning and visual relationships that emerge.  During this vital interaction, self discovery along with new imagery appears.

I learned that the beliefs I hold about myself determine what I allow myself to paint. The challenge is to expand beyond myself imposed notions about what my art should look like.

Over the years, I’ve learned to trust myself and my art by allowing my painting to lead me.  It’s much easier now.  I’m discovering more and more secrets I’ve always known.

I do not make paintings which are confrontational at a time when peoples of the world are being desensitized by acts of brutality on all levels of human experience.

My wish is that a visit to an art gallery will bring silent moments, small moments of freedom from the overwhelming trauma and overbearing conflicts of our society and planet in collapse.

My wish for the viewer is that my paintings might begin to connect the viewer with understandings that have been lost, broken, or never formed, as technology continues to disconnect us from the natural world.

Although I do not consider my potential audience during the painting process, my wish is that these paintings will do for the viewer what they have done for me; namely, transport you to a different place and connect you with something that is essential and powerful within yourself.





Calle 59 #452A x 54 y 52, El Centro Histórico, Mérida, Yucatán 97000 México