Aldea, Tabasco, Mexico wetlands.

Eduardo Cervantes' print Aldea is a stunning example of his talant as a photographer with a powerfully expressive presentation. Eduardo's Aldea, while originating in material reference, travels far beyond the documentary. Aldea, like the series it is drawn from, is a pictorial journey into the realm of magical realism. Presented as a dreamlike vision, Aldea's very composition, notably the deeply reflective body of water, suggests a surrealistic contemplation of the subconscious.

Originally shot on medium format film and worked in traditional wet darkroom, he has revisited this series and reworked them in digital medium and made jet dye prints. In reworking this series he shows us a master's level of skill in both the traditional and digital mediums.

Eduardo's photographs are self crafted archival jet-pigment prints.

William Sievert

Muelle en el Manglar